Christmas Silhouette Ornament


Christmas Silhouette Ornament

Hello again!

I’ve been busy at work creating Christmas decorations and thought I would share one of the ornaments that I’ve created with you.  This ornament was inspired by a pin I found on Pinterest about a month ago.  You can find the inspiration ornament here.



Materials #1

Materials #1

– Exacto knife, silhouette images on cardstock, pencil, scissors, glue gun, glue gun sticks, spray adhesive, sealant, twine, ribbon, scrapbook/ craft paper, foam board, circular object(s) (not pictured), chalk (not pictured)

– Fabric/Material, decorative elements: pom poms, scrap paper/fabric, ect. (not pictured).


Fabric and Material



Step 1.

Find the silhouettes of whichever figures or animals you wish to use to create your ornaments and insert them into a word processing or photo editing software.  Choose an object with a circular opening (such as a cup or a jar) and measure its diameter.  Ensure that once printed, your silhouettes will be small enough that they do not touch the edge of the circle.  Adjust the size of the image on your software accordingly. Once you are satisfied with their sizes, print the silhouettes out onto cardstock and cut out your figures.  You have now created your cardstock templates.

Books, Bikinis, & Baking

Cardstock Templates

*Tip: Ensure that you do not choose templates that are so complex that they will be impossible to cut out once traced onto your fabric.


Step 2.

Choose the material that you would like to use for your silhouettes and place your cardstock templates on top of the fabric.  Using a piece of chalk, trace an outline of the template onto your fabric. (If you choose to use scrapbook paper in place of fabric, use a pencil to trace around the template instead of chalk.)



Traced Template on Fabric Using Chalk

*Tip: Layer the material that you will use for your silhouettes with the material or scrapbook paper that you will use for you background to ensure the two colours work well together first before cutting out your silhouette shapes.


Step 3.

Cut out your fabric silhouettes and place them to the side for now.


Fabric Silhouette Cutouts


Step 4.

Using your object with a circular opening, trace as many circles as you are making ornaments onto a piece of foam board using a pencil.  I chose to make two different sizes of ornaments, thus I used both the opening and the bottom of a large plastic cup.


Tracing Implements


Step 5.

Cut out your foam circles.  This can be done using either scissors or an Exacto knife.  If you are unskilled in cutting out circles using scissors, as I am, I suggest using an Exacto knife. To cut out the circles using this method, trace around the cup or other object with the Exacto knife as if it was a pencil.  If you are so unskilled that your circles still come out wobbly (hey friend), that is why I have created Step 9 to help cover up our mistakes.


Foam Board Circles


Step 6.

Using your foam circles or cup as a template, trace double the number of foam circles that you have onto the back of a piece of scrapbook paper (I traced 8 circles because I was creating 4 ornaments).  You will be using two scrapbook paper circles per ornament; one on the front and one on the back.  Cut out your paper circles and attach them to the foam circles using spray adhesive.  Ensure you lay newspaper down and review the directions of the adhesive spray before, just for example, starting the project and turning your entire glass dining room table into a mod podge project.  Just a suggestion.


Scrapbook Paper Covered Foam Board Circles


Step 7.

Attach your fabric silhouette to one side of the ornament using spray adhesive.

Books, Bikinis, & Baking

Attached Fabric Silhouette


All 3 Silhouette Figures


Step 8.

This is now your opportunity to cover up any imperfect cutting that may have occurred.  Use your Exacto knife to shave off any excess bits of foam sticking out from your circle. Next, use two drops of glue from your glue gun to attach a length of twine to the top of the ornament so that you create a hanging loop to be used on your Christmas tree.


Twine Hanger Loop


Step 9.

Attach two lengths of twine to fully cover the side of your ornament.  This will also help to cover up the area where you attached the piece of twine used for hanging your ornament.  When I did this, I would squeeze approximately 3-5 centimeters of glue onto the side of the ornament, press my twine on top of the glue, hold for 5-10 seconds to ensure it dried into place, and then repeat the process until the entire side of the ornament was covered.  When you reach your starting point, cut the twine off of the spool and glue it into place to create a fairly seamless loop of twine.  You can see the two loops of twine on the side of the ornament in the picture below.


Ornament with Twine Border


Step 10.

Attach any additional embellishments that you you would like onto your ornament.  For my reindeer silhouette ornaments, I used a red pom pom for the nose and a piece of scrap craft paper for the scarf.  My penguin silhouette also received a similar scarf but in place of a red pom pom nose, I cut a few white pom poms in half and attached three pieces to the silhouette to make a furry tummy.  It is entirely up to you whether you do this step or not but I felt it really added an extra layer of dimension to the ornament.


Complete Ornament


And there you have it!  Your ornaments are finished and ready to be hung on the Christmas tree!  I will be posting additional Christmas ornament and decoration inspirations in the coming weeks.  For now, enjoy your cute silhouetted ornaments!



Trio of Completed Christmas Silhouette Ornaments


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